Super Mega Dropper - The Biggest and Best Dropper EVER!

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Cinque Terre  

Isn't time for Mega... its time for SUPER MEGA DROPPER! The newest title on MD Series come up with big improvementes like the new 256 HIGH BLOCKS super size and 2X more challenging than the previous editions.

More of 44 levels, divided into 4 types of gameplay as avaible to play:

EASY MODE - For beginners, not hard. 

HARD MODE - For experienced players, a lot of obstacles, exploring difficulties to maximum

OLD MODE - Old levels builded on MD Series back with remasterizations like "Colorama Of Dead" and "Mushroonized"

REDO MODE - Reverse dropper with limited time of levitation, Be quickly!

Also... i mean the map have collectibles? And dont have anymore long corridors? CommandBlocks make the things a lot easier for make the MD experience the better as possible. Have fun with your friends! ~MegaStriker Buildings