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This addon includes: a jetski( Creeper ), a speed boat( Ghast ) and a sail boat ( vindicator ). the speed boat and the jetski can be driven by the key ( carrot on a stick ) but the sail boat can be sailed by the paddles ( carrot ). these boats have the behavior of floating cause for some reason if  u ride those on top of water without the behavior of floating they sink so u msy see them floating in air if by mistake u got ur boat in the air and u want to put it back in water u could attach it to a chain ( lead ) and push it down or kill it by one hit and spawn another one, the chain can also be used to attach ur boat to a fence gate so it look like u parked it. also while riding one of these u can click on the boost button which will create water splashes behind the boat. two players can ride the speed boat and the jetski but for the sail boat 3 players will be able to ride it. this addon was created by @andrewteam99 in collaboration with @raedteam99 and @AbduSallouh, this took us more than a week to be done also there are three different colours of the addon Red, Blue and Yellow. surely more updates coming soon with more models. Also these are the download links for the different colours mcpacks:





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