How To Install Mods For Android

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Step By Step Tutorial:

  • ModPE Scripts:
  1. If the mod link is a script mod, you need Blocklauncher (from the Google Play Store) to install the mod.
  2. Download the mod off of the internet and locate it inside of your downloads folder using a file manager (like ES File Manager or Astro File Manager from the Google Play Store).
  3. Click on the .js file to activate the mod.
  4. Go into Blocklauncher, and tap the wrench icon at the top of the screen.
  5. Click manage launcher options, this is where you would want to install a texture pack if the mod requires one, do so by locating the .zip file for the textures in Blocklauncher’s interface.
  6. Go to manage ModPE scripts and activate the mod within Blocklauncher.
  7. Profit!
  • APK Addons:
  1. Some of the more advanced MCPE mods are actually addons to MCPE. These are very simple to install as well, and you will need Blocklauncher to manage these addons.
  2. Find a mod that uses an .apk file, some mods like the skin pack mod do this.
  3. Download the .apk off of the internet and locate the file you downloaded with a file manager (like ES File Manager or Astro File Manager from the Google Play Store).
  4. Install the .apk through the file manager.
  5. The mod should be activated, you can always enable and disable the addon within Blocklauncher after the initial install.



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